Learning From Your Heroes



My daughter, who is 4 in July, is obsessed with superheroes. And I mean obsessed. Her absolute favourite is Spiderman and she just loves the whole good vs evil thing, helping others in need type scenario. (He is a permanent imaginary fixture in our home. We have Spiderman in the car with us, at mealtimes - where we have to set an extra place for him, at our swimming lessons…….)

It’s interesting at even her young age how she measures her own behaviour – and that of other people – against whether Spiderman would do that.

Helping an old lady carry her bag? Spiderman would do that. Being mean to your friends? Spiderman would never do that.

Interestingly, who we hold up as our own heroes can tell us a lot about who or what we aspire to be and what we hold as being important. What we admire in others tends to reveal the qualities, skills and attributes we’d like to develop ourselves.

Until next time, enjoy feeding your flame!

    Jenny Flintoft

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